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Virus and Spyware Removal

Spyware and Virus Removal

    We are able to repair your computer by removing all spyware and virus with our Computer Service.
    A program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without
your knowledge and runs against your wishes.
Virus Removal - Abergavenny
    The more malicious virus can delete your files, or corrupt your operating system, that is why it is
so important to keep a regular data backup system, ask yourself how much would it cost to replace or re-enter your data, and how much would it cost you while your network is down.
    Any software that covertly gathers user information through the user's Internet connection without his or her knowledge, usually for advertising purposes. Spyware applications are typically bundled as a hidden component of freeware or shareware programs that can be downloaded from the Internet; however, it should be noted that the majority of shareware and freeware applications do not come with spyware.
Spyware Removal - Abergavenny
    Once installed, the spyware monitors user activity on the Internet and transmits that information in the background to someone else. Spyware can also gather information about e-mail addresses, passwords and even credit card numbers.

Computer Service contains the following for just £45

  Removal and Virus, Spyware, Ad ware Programs .
  Installation of 3 Spyware Programs to help you maintain a spyware free machine.
  Update your Anti Virus Software or supply a Free Anti Virus program.
  Update for PC with all Security patches and Updates from Microsoft.
  De fragmentation and Scandisk of your Personal Computer hard drive.
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